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Purple Disco Machine x Kungs - Substitution (Official Music Video)
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Director: SWIM CLUB
Executive Producer: Yannick Fauth
Producer: Michael Hessenbruch
Production Assistant: Anna Renger
Post Producer: Timo Grossmann
Production Company: LE BERG GmbH
Service Producer: Luigi Filotico
Service Production Manager: Chiara Chimenti
Service Production Assistant: Tom Bourgois
Service Production Assistant: Agathe Ventimila
Service Production Assistant: Léni Taguelmint
Service Production: caminante
1st AD: Teddy Laroutis
1st AC: Matthieu Abily
2nd AC: Arthur Desnoyelles
Grip: Bastien Caramalli
Gaffer: Laurent Brisse
Spark: Louis Leca
Set Design: Samantha Mugnier
Stage Props Operator: Lionel Larcher
Styling Tino: Dolce & Gabbana
Styling: Laura Fries
Styling: Carolin Schreck
Make-Up Artist: Anais Maurette
Hair Artist: Edna Lopes
Photographer: Leon Schleßelmann
Editor: Max Paschke
Editor: Yannic Nixdorf
Color Grading: Jonny Thorpe
VFX Artist: Felix Damer
VFX Artist: Aaron Hecht
VFX Artist: Yannic Nixdorf
Special Thanks: Vantage Paris
Special Thanks: Silverway Paris
Special Thanks: SE C STUDIO GmbH
Special Thanks: MAP Management Artist Postproduction
Special Thanks: Glassworks
Special Thanks: Virginie Geoffroy
Special Thanks: Simon Sunset
Featuring vocal performance by Julian Perretta

Control Room Operator: Dimitri Vandal
Control Room Senior Officer: Rudolph Cappelletti
Control Room Extra: Paul Villatel
Control Room Extra: Stephanie Daniel
Reporter: Manon Giarudon Nicolaï
Cameraman: Madh Sy Savane
Robot: Ghalem Rochdi
Lizzard: Mickael Creuze

Am I high or low
Am I bipolar
Need another you
To shake it shake it
Ohh I love that face
perfect stranger
Cus I could use someone
To shake it shake it

But I know that I can’t get you out of my head
And I know I can’t numb you away
Yeah I know when I wake up with her instead
No there ain’t no one replacing you
No there ain’t no one replacing you

Been looking for substitution
Healing my hearts confusion
Been looking for substitution
But there ain’t no one replacing you
Been looking for substitution
Losing all of my illusions
Looking for substitution
Cus there ain’t no one replacing you

Gotta losen up
My emotions
Just start it up
To shake it shake it
When I hear your name
I can’t be sober
I could use someone
To shake it shake it

#purplediscomachine #kungs #substitution

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