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XnormL and Les Techno's collaboration, the Make You Feel Good Electro House Mix, represents a thrilling convergence of two distinct musical universes. Les Techno's raw and impassioned vocal talents meet XnormL's innovative electronic house flair, resulting in a spellbinding remix that captivates from the first beat to the last. The compelling rhythms and catchy hooks imbued by XnormL heighten the invigorating energy of the original, crafting an intoxicating auditory experience that resonates deeply within the house genre. Get ready to immerse yourself in the kinetic thrill of this unprecedented remix that beautifully encapsulates the unique talents of both artists.

Les Techno has once again proven his artistic prowess with Make You Feel Good. The original track thrills with its eclectic blend of rock, punk-wave, and electronic elements that underscore Les's dynamic vocal performance. XnormL, on the other hand, brings their trademark electronic house spin to the mix, transforming the track into an exuberant dance anthem. With XnormL's knack for crafting innovative beats and unforgettable drops, the Make You Feel Good Electro House Mix propels Les Techno's original into new, exhilarating realms. This tantalizing remix is set to become a staple in any house music aficionado's playlist, making you feel good from the inside out.

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